Who We Are

“MISEVI, A New Way to Be Christ’s Disciple and MissionaryElie Chavez, C.M

This sentence, says it all: 

  • LAY

As lay Vincentians, MISEVI is responding to the call of Vatican II that reminds us that by the nature of our baptism, we are all called, religious and lays, to holiness and mission. 

Vincent and Louise were ahead of their time. They have both encouraged and influenced and are still influencing millions of religious and lay people to take their role in the life of the church.

MISEVI is an opportunity for lay missionaries to encounter Jesus Christ in the one who is poor and marginalized. 

Once, Father Felipe Nieto, C.M quoted:

 “MISEVI was born small but it has been called to become greatFelipe Nieto, C.M

Since the early steps in the mid 80’s with the VMY Spanish volunteers who had that strong missionary desire to live the Ad Gentes mission during the summers, and passing through the 90’s where the idea of long term mission started to elaborate, and arriving at the debut of this Millennium with the first steps to create a new Vincentian reality called MISEVI, the collaboration between the Fathers, Daughters of Charity and the VMY was remarkable!

Since our First International Assembly in January 2001, a dozen countries joined Spain to form the International Family of Misevi. 

The years continued, and on the 25th of November 2010, MISEVI International received the Canonical Decree from the Holy Seed in Vatican.

Nowadays we are established in 14 Countries all over the 5 continents! And hoping to continue growing and expanding.

Previously, and in the early beginnings, MISEVI’s primary goal was the Ad Gentes missions and missionaries only. But, through the years and while opening to the Vincentian lay realities all over the world, MISEVI is now embracing both Local & abroad missions and missionaries.

Currently, hundreds of MISEVI members are working in short term or long term missions. Some go to any part of the world and some share the Gospel in their home countries. Hereunder, are the main domain where MISEVI is serving all around the world!

  • Evangelization
  • Teaching & Literacy Programs
  • Refugees & Homeless Programs.
  • Disabilities & Special needs Schools & Programs
  • Health Care
  • Social intervention with Women in Jails
  • Special programs for literacy and empowerment of Women
  • Listening Center for Alcoholic & Violence victims
  • Family Intervention Center for childhood violence
  • Childhood Care & Literacy
  • Orphanage
  • Youth Ministries in Dioceses with Local Church
  • Pastoral Groups Formation & Training 
  • Jails & Prisons Visits
  • Third age Care programs

Misevi is hoping to become a Missionary Hub, where we will be the link between the volunteers of the Vincentian family and the hosting missionary communities all over the world.

As Christ disciples and missionaries, it is our vocation to spread the good news and serve the poorest among the poor.  We are reminded day to day of the work for justice so needed in our world today!

MISEVI International team.
From top right: Asuncion Marchan (Secretary), Mary Frances Jaster (Vocal), Marta Marin (Vocal), Fr. Stephen Monaghan C.M (Advisor), Monica Villar (Treasury), Sr. Neghesti Michael D.C (Advisor), Fr. Tomas Mavric C.M (Superior General), Ribel Elias (President)

Ribel Elias
President of MISEVI International
Lebanon 2019